Namelist Templates

Several different namelists are used for TRANSP regression testing, and can be used as templates. Also, a 'BEAST' namelist is included (for BEtween and Among Shots TRANSP runs) 

37065:  Monte-Carlo (MC) fast ion calculation as implemented by NUBEAM; TFTR-based

112989:  Neoclassical (NC) transport as implented by NCLASS; TEQ equilibrium solver and NPA charge-exchange eflux synthetic diagnostic; NSTX-based 

118419: Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH) as implemented by TORAY; DIII-D-based

142202: ISOLVER using "just in time currents" and flux diffusion; NSTX-based

3018:  Ion Cyclotron (IC) heating as implemented by TORIC; C-Mod-based

33618: EC and LH as implemented by GENRAY; ITER-based

BEAST: BEtween and Among Shots TRANSP namelist; NSTX-U-based

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