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July 20th, 2018
TRANSP has now a version number and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which are listed here.
The version number of your run can be found in the TRANSP output and is identified by 2 digits: the first indicates the year, the second indicates the version. All releases during the calendar year 2018 will be tagged as 18.x, those in 2019 will be tagged as 19.x, and so on. 
The DOI is for citation purposes and needs to be included in all publications, similarly to the way papers are cited.
NOTE: the version number and the DOI are associated with pshare. This is the official TRANSP release, approved for use and the only one that should be used in your published work.
With this update pshare and tshare are synchronized and access to tshare will be restricted to developers only, for testing changes before they are released to pshare.

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